Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: May 1, 2009- Moving Like He Should

The school district's PT came by yesterday.  She'll come every 6 weeks to check on Caedmon's progress, give us exercises to do and answer any concerns.  It struck me again yesterday how grateful I am that God led us to Minnesota at this time.  While many other states are getting rid of their early intervention programs because of budget shortfalls, Minnesota has maintained that they save more money by working with children at an early age and getting them the help they need before they get to school.  What a blessing it is for the families!  As a mom of a child with special needs I can attest to the fact that so many thoughts, doubts and fears go through my head on a daily basis: is that normal? is there something wrong? why did he just do that?  To be able to have the support of professionals who work with babies and children all the time, I am able to maintain at a least a minimum level of sanity!

Kiirsten (isn't that a fantastic Minnesotan name?), the PT, checked his range of motion through the hips and head/neck, checked his incision areas on his ankles, control in sitting, tummy abilities, standing abilities, etc.  The verdict is that he's doing awesome.  He, again, registered as right at or ahead of the game in all areas.  We will be working with him on exercises to get him comfortable again with taking weight through his legs, he lost that a bit during casting, as well as putting his feet flat on the floor so that when the time comes to stand he'll be comfortable with that.

Today Caedmon and Daddy get to meet with a doctor about getting the Biblical surgical procedure.  We were told to put this off until the other things were stabilized since it isn't as important.  So, next week sometime our poor little boy will go in again for the next 'surgery' (does it count as surgery?).  Poor little guy.  It seems like they could have just done it during one of the many times they had him out.  Of course, maybe Daddy and Mommy couldn't have handled it very well!  For those of you wondering if we even should worry about it, yes, unfortunately, it is highly recommended because Caedmon may yet, at some point in his life, have to catheterize so it is a must.

Next week Caedmon will be visited by his special ed teacher.  She will be coming every six weeks also, to evaluate his social and developmental skills.
In two weeks we meet with neurosurgery to make sure his shunt is working properly and he has the right amount of fluid in his ventricles.  We'll also make a stop at the Spina Bifida clinic where he will get his general check-ups with the pediatrician and urologist.

Sometimes, looking at all his appointments, I have feelings of being overwhelmed.  I had gotten quite comfortable with being a bit of a hermit, locked away in my house, only going out when I wanted to.  Now we are forced out, often, with our new baby.  But when I get a little low, I remember what it was like just a few months ago, in and out of the hospital, and I'm so happy.  Happy we get to all be together in the same house, eating meals, laughing, sharing life.  I'm satisfied!

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