Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: December 14, 2010- More Tests

Trying to fit all the tests Caedmon needs before the new year makes for a very busy December!  We kick off this busy week with a three hour urodynamics study that will look at his kidney, bladders and pipes to make sure everything's flowing the right way and healthy.  We also get to see how well his medication is working and if he is on the right dosage.  All very good things to know!  Why they always schedule us during his naptime is a mystery and frustration to me, but he's a good natured guy and will keep smiling to the end, I'm sure.
We're still waiting a letter from the neurosurgeon with the results of last week's MRI.  We're not expecting any bad news but it will be nice to know what is going on with his spine and brain.  Tethered cord is always a possibility as there can be a lot of scar tissue where the back surgery occurred. 
We continue to enjoy our snow mountains.  Damek made a great sledding run in our neighbor's empty lot/snow storage area.  We plan to have a good afternoon enjoying the heat wave (10 degrees today, woo hoo!) and the winter landscape.

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