Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: July 27, 2010- Walking Again Today

I just have to have a bit of a complaint before I post the awesome video.  I'm still not fully understanding how the whole evaluation process works, why it must go on as long as it does and what good is actually done over the course of the next eight weeks.  We have a different physical therapist helping us because our appointments will mostly be on Mondays.  The one we ended up with sent the gait trainer Caedmon used during our last appointment home with another family so there was none for him to use or 'try' today because that's the only one that fits him.  What?!  There seems to be some major holes in this evalutation theory.
That being said, after doing some preliminary stuff that looked a little silly to me, the PT from last week walked into the room and said to our new PT, 'Why don't you try hooking him up to the treadmill?'  So, that's where we headed and here is the video.

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