Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: April 30, 2010- Little Joys

Trying to hurry, heading out the door to an appointment, I hear Damek call excitedly, 'Mom!  Come see what I did to your shoes!'  In my head I'm seeing a dandelion or two shoved in them somewhere, he's been really into that lately and we have plenty in our front yard to choose from.  I walk into the room and start seeing bits of shoelace scattered at random, my poor, forlorn looking running shoes are laced but sadly lacking the length that normally ties them into a bow.

'Wow!'  I say.  'Looks like you gave my shoes a little haircut, huh?'  He was so thrilled with his work, how do you punish that?

We had a talk later about not cutting things that aren't paper and he helped me pick out a new pair of shoelaces from the store.  I think I read somewhere that four is the exploratory age, everything is a science experiment.  Have to keep reminding myself of that.

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