Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: December 11, 2010- The Blizzard Of 2010

This week we have passed down the family head cold rather then blessings or an inheritance so it was perfect timing when the snow storm hit just as Adam and I were saying, 'How are we going to do anything at church this week, we can barely function?!'  Instead, our kids got to lead us in worship for a change.

Mostly because we can't seem to move off the couch, except to try to shovel out our drive whenever the snowplow comes by or our dog needs out.  I think the plow has actually given up because the last time I was out with the dog you couldn't even tell where the road was.  A neighbor told me, as we were digging his car out, that our little town is supposed to be the apex of the storm, we are slated to get the most snow.  Good thing I just made four batches of Christmas cookies yesterday, if nothing else they'll help us survive until we can get out of the neighborhood.

Here's the view from our house today.  Our 'front door' that actually faces the south has two large drifts in front of it and one above it.  The cars in our drive, the blury stuff is not because I was shaking but the snow whipping around in the wind.  We've actually scooped snow twice today but you can't tell at all.

100_3947 100_3949
Here is Caedmon's contribution to the worship service.  He's in love with the guitar and has actually given himself two sets of guitar blisters and begs to play more.  He's been playing a little everyday and seems to have some nice callouses starting so hopefully the blisters are done now.  I'm really hoping his love for music continues.

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