Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: May 3, 2009- The Family That Runs Together

We ran/walked the Bud Break 5K this beautiful spring morning at a local arboretum.  Holy cow, it was the most severely hilly place I've ever run!  Seriously, some of those hills were straight up, unbelievable!  Caedmon was an awesome little coach.  He got so excited to see all the people at the start of the race that he kept doing his gasp/squeal.  It's adorable to hear!  He talked, cooed and giggled the entire time.  Damek ran/walked half the race and then climbed in the stroller toward the end.  He got out for the last few hundred feet to say 'hi' to Caedmon and I and to run through the finish line with Daddy.
100_2508 Getting ready for the start.
100_2514 Mommy and Caedmon at the finish line.
100_2515 Playing peek-a-boo waiting for Daddy and Damek.
100_2517 There they are!

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