Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: April 9, 2009- April In Minne-snow-ta

Ahh, April . . . the smell of wet earth, the sound of songbirds, green leaves and flower buds popping out everywhere . . . maybe next week!  This IS Minnesota after all, land of the frozen tundra, ice fishing, hockey, cold.  Here's what we've gotten the first few weeks of April.
100_2455 Our lake slowly thawing, you can see a little water appearing around the corner of the island.
100_2464 All dressed for a snow walk.
100_2474 Snowball fights!
100_2484 Throwing snowballs in the water to see them melt.
hiding Hiding behind trees to pop out and scare Mommy and Daddy, only the trees were never quite big enough!

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