Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: December 26, 2008- Still In A Holding Pattern

First, let me just say that Caedmon is doing very well.  He's remained stable, his temperature is back to normal, he's eating well, he's as active as a nearly one month old should be, his incision areas are healing nicely.  However, there's just so much about his abilities we don't know.  So, Little Guy (as Damek calls him) will be spending another night in the hospital so they can administer a breathing test tonight as he sleeps.  It seems many babies with spina bifida have apnea or other breathing complications which can affect brain function if left untreated.  Tonight they will hook Caedmon up to a four point system to monitor his breathing and CO2 levels in his blood.  The test will tell us if his high CO2 levels come from breathing issues or kidney issues.  They suspect breathing issues.  It has been very difficult everyday as we wait for the doctor to make his rounds and come to give us the news of whether we get to go home or not.  Today he actually said we can go home, until he realized that Caedmon had not yet had a pneumogram done (the breathing test).  In his next breath he said, "I'm sorry, you're on hold for one more day."  I shed a little tear.

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