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Original Blog Post: December 8, 2008- Our Son

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We are so happy to announce the arrival of our son!  After all the stress about how he would come into the world and meeting with so many doctors we couldn't keep them all straight, I was able to have the natural birth we had hoped for.  It all seemed to go by so fast.  At 12:13 a.m. on December 2 my water broke.  I woke Adam up and we got to experience a comedy routine as we tried to get our bags packed by the time a friend came to stay with Damek.  I sat on the bed and told Adam what we needed, he raced all over the house and back again to get it all in the bag.

At the hospital, at 2:00 am, they told me I was 1 centimeter dilated but because of the water being broken and the at-risk situation with Caedmon's spina bifida they admitted me into the maternity ward.  The contractions by then were getting pretty painful.  Adam was a great coach, helping me through when I reached the transition point and thought I couldn't make it.  By 6:00 I felt ready to push.  They checked me and said I was ready.  We then had the joy of walking/riding the guerney about two blocks to the operating room where Caedmon was to be delivered.  I pushed for the next two hours and Caedmon was born at 8:13 am.  It was such an awesome experience to hold him, just for a moment, before they took him into the next room where the Children's team was waiting to assess him.  They brought him back to me for a few minutes of bonding and then he and Adam were off to Children's while I was taken to a recovery room and given breakfast.

Adam came to the recovery room to let me know Caedmon would be in surgery in another hour.  The nurses promptly wheeled me over to Children's so I could spend some time with him before they prepped him for surgery.  He was so beautiful, it was very hard to let him go, necessary but hard.
Caedmon came out of surgery about 2 hours later.  Everything had gone beautifully well.  He did not need a shunt placed and he had enough skin around the area that they did not need to graft any from anywhere else on his body. 

The past week has been very difficult as Adam and I have tried to juggle time with Damek and time with Caedmon as well as my own recovery.  Every night was harder and harder to say goodbye to Caedmon and head home.  Children's is in the process of building family rooms so families can stay with their child but right now there are only a few rooms and those are saved for families who have to travel out of town for the hospital's services.

He really is such a strong and healthy boy.  They've been monitoring him for almost a week now and he has not had any changes but has only grown more strong and healthy.  We are so grateful to the Lord, we know His hand has been upon Caedmon since before we ever knew of him.  Today they discharged Caedmon from the hospital.  We are still awaiting his arrival at home, as a snow storm hit right at the time of his discharge.  Adam is spending the night in the hospital with him and will bring him home as soon as he can in the morning.

We will keep posting as we learn what life will be like with Caedmon.  We know there will be a lot of doctor's appointments in our future but we are so thankful to have him here with us.

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