Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: December 12, 2008- Homecoming

100_2265  Caedmon finally came home on Tuesday afternoon.  Oldman Winter couldn't keep him away too long, though it felt like forever. 
100_2280 100_2272
We had a birthday celebration and Big Brother Damek helped blow out the candle.  Caedmon has been a wonderful sleeper so far, very different from Damek's infancy.  We actually have to wake him up to eat every four hours!  It's really amazing.
We are not out of the woods yet, and never will be throughout Caedmon's life, with shunts and other medical interventions.  We have another ultrasound scheduled for Monday as they continue to monitor how his body is handling the closure of his spine.  We've also been taught several leg and foot exercises to help make the casts and possible surgery on his clubfeet easier to take and less of them to do.  We learned we only have this first month to really work on that as he is still pliable.  We're learning how his body deals with bowel movements and potty.  He will have a test on his kidneys and bladder after the shunt is figured out, so we know how much control he actually has and if we have catheterizing in his future.
100_2287 100_2286
We have been so blessed to have my mom here for the month of December and a great good friend who came out for this week to help with household chores.  It has been such a load off our minds to have them here, spending much needed time and attention on Damek so we can focus on what needs to happen next for Caedmon.

We are ever grateful for your prayers and support.  I will continue to update you as we learn more.

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