Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: January 1, 2009- Casts For The New Year

On Tuesday we received a call from the office of the orthopedics doctor telling us he wanted to see Caedmon as soon as possible so they could get started on a plan for his clubfeet.  We were thinking an evaluation.  Imagine our surprise when they told us they want to start casting right away! 

Our son now has two casts running the length of his legs, from hip to toe.  He will go in every week so they can straighten his feet a bit more and then recast for another week, the goal being to fix as much as possible this way so we can avoid or lessen surgery later.  We are still trying to get over the shocking sight of half of our tiny baby's body in a cast plus trying to figure out how to change diapers without getting even the smallest amount of pee on the casts.  It's quite a juggling act!

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