Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: October 21, 2008- A Long Doctor's Appointment

Who knew that being at a doctor's appointment, being shuffled from room to room and sitting for most everything could be exhausting?  Now I know why I've been so happy to stay away from large hospitals and large physicians groups, until now!  Today was the latest ultrasound viewing of Caedmon and the official change of providers to the perinatal group that will actually do the delivery.

Caedmon is doing well.  His hydrocephalus has not increased at all from last appointment to this!  Praise Jesus!  He's holding steady on that front.  His balloon has increased slightly, not to cause concern because he is growing in general but we keep praying that it will not increase anymore.  His heart beat is strong, organs look good, and he's moving all over the place.  When we were able to view his face he was looking right into the camera, so adorable.  Both his little hands were up near his face and he was playing with his fingers every time the tech got a shot of that area.  I often have felt those flutterings and wondered what he was doing during those times, now I know!  He continues to be a large baby, in the 80% range.  I am actually just under 33 weeks in the pregnancy but everything they measured on Caedmon: legs, arms, torso, head, are measuring in the 34-35 week range.  Because of his size and the size of his head, which is even larger then the rest of him just like his brother, they are pushing for a repeat c-section.  Please pray for wisdom for us as we try to weigh the options and choose the best thing for Caedmon and myself.  It's very frustrating when they tell me about the convenience to the doctors because that does not necessarily mean it is in the best interest of the patients!
Every week, from here out, they want to do a non-stress test (NST) to monitor if I am going into labor or not.  Because they want to do a c-section they want to ensure that I do not go into labor before the scheduled surgery.  I will now begin seeing the doctor every two weeks where they will do ultrasounds to check Caedmon's progress.
We have begun working on Caedmon's room.  We've decided on a pond theme with frogs, turtles, dragonflies and butterflies in blue, yellow and green.  His room is still a very bright pink with stripes of purple, yellow and 100_2223green.  It's very, very bright.  We're hoping to repaint in the next few weeks and get everything settled in and ready for our new arrival.  We're thinking about painting it a nice cheery yellow (though not too bright!) with some blue accents but this is still on the drawing board.  Damek is more and more excited about his brother's arrival since we have put up the crib and Caedmon's room looks like someone could actually live there.  Up until three days ago it was a storage room.

We're excited to meet our little warrior.  Please continue to pray for us as we try to prepare for whatever the future may hold for us all!

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  1. sigh. oh due dates.
    i like the fact that they say you were 33 weeks, but baby measures 34-35. it could be he was 34-35 weeks. due dates can vary because other things (like a woman's cycle, actual date of conception, etc, can all vary by 1-2 weeks) ;)

    anyway. loving reading your old posts!