Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: October 30, 2008- Stressful Non-Stress Tests

I feel a bit like a pingpong ball and you all get to witness my journey back and forth across the table!  Yesterday was my weekly-until-the-end non-stress test (NST).  It also was an unofficial doctor's appointment where I got to ask some questions and tell the doctor on duty that I am not so sure about the whole 'scheduled c-section' thing and I want to know what my options still are.  Also, what is so magical about 39 weeks?  Why can't I wait until 40 weeks?

The lowdown is that the doctor told me the decision is still up to Adam and I, they will support us with whatever we decide.  He suggested I take this week to think over what we want and bring that to the doctor's appointment next week.  Our plan is to have two birth plans written up, one for the hoped for vaginal delivery and the other for the possibility of another c-section.  We will then be able to specifically outline what our wishes are and get a doctor to check off on that.  He also told me that my odds of having a successful vaginal delivery is 60-70%.  As that is much higher then I was thinking, I was ecstatic!

Before all this information came to light, Adam and I had been attending a Bradley Childbirth class.  The Bradley method, for those of you unfamiliar with it, focuses on natural childbirth, healthy dietary and exercise choices during pregnancy and natural relaxation techniques.  Our wonderful teacher put out an SOS for us in the childbirth assistants world to see if some people might be willing to help us through labor and delivery pro bono.  Three wonderful ladies stepped forward.  I will meet with two of them on Sunday to go over our birth plans and learn about how everything will work as far as meeting them at the hospital during labor or for the c-section.  We're planning for everything.  The statistics for women how have a birth attendant needing less medication and having successful births speak for themselves and I am so thankful that there are so many people willing to help!  Praise God!

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